SMS Bomber: Text Message Bomber For Prank Your Friends

SMS Bomber

SMS Bombers are fun if you want to prank with your friends or sometimes when you need to tease your friends by sending them a lot of messages. I have seen a lot of people sending a bulk message and spamming their friends. We thought to start this website with SMS bomber and we should start with something great.

Today, I am going to tell you the way you can use the SMS bomber and prank your friends by sending a lot of messages on their phone. We often get disturbed by a lot of spam messages from commercial websites.

We developed an SMS bomber which can be used to bomb your friends and you can simply prank with your friends with a lot of messages. We are going to tell you the way yo can use this bomber on your phone and computer.

I will tell you the way you can use this bomber on your device. This is the PHP Script which will help you to use this SMS Bomber, and you can prank with your friends.

SMS Bomber

What is SMS Bomber?

SMS Bomber is the PHP Script. There are some applications which uses SMS verification to verify your phone number. The OTP is sent to your phone number. If you have received the message, then you verify it by entering that code.

We have taken the API of an application which we also called as Application Program Interface. We add the phone number and the count of the message which you will send to your friends.

SMS Bomber: Text Message Bomber For Prank Your Friends

This is the SMS bomber, and it is having the API of the Fokat application. If you have already registered to this application, then this won’t work on your phone number.

If your friend is not registered, then this bomber will work fine on your phone. I will suggest you not to bomb unlimited then this bomber won’t work for anyone.

We have provided some rules if you want to use this bomber on your device and if you properly follow all the rules then everyone can use it, and it will help us to make another bomber for everyone, and then everyone can use this bomber on their device.


  • Don’t Spam anyone phone number.
  • Don’t Misuse this Bomber we will block your IP Address and number.
  • Try on your phone number if you want to check the bomber.

Note: This Trick is for Educational Purpose Only. If you are in some kind of mess we are not responsible.

How to Send Unlimited Text Message to Your Friends With SMS Bomber

  • Firstly, you need to visit this link to visit the SMS bomber website:

  Visit Link

SMS Bomber

  • Open the link, and you will be asked to enter your phone number.
  • Add your phone number and then add the messages you want to send.
  • Now, click on the Bomb button and that’s it, and you will receive the message on your number.
  • Repeat the process! This way you can bomb your number and check the message.

Final Verdict:

I hope you love this SMS Bomber. This was the article the way you can bomb your friend’s number with the help of the SMS PHP script. This is amazing.

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