Missed Call Bomber: Prank Your Friends By Giving Them Missed Calls

Missed Call Bomber

What is more Annoying according to you? SMS Bomber or Missed Call Bomber. Well! We are back again with the all new bomber which we call it as missed call bomber. This will help us to prank with anyone with United States number. This will send any user unlimited missed calls.

Your friends won’t understand how they will be getting so many missed calls. While the devil will be sitting in front of them, 😈 This bomber is crazy and amazing, and you will love to bomb your friends with a lot of missed calls.

This bomber won’t be working on the sim cards which is having Do Not Disturb activated they won’t be getting any calls. If you want to enjoy this bomber, then you can easily do so by deactivating the do not disturb from your phone.

This is also a PHP Script which we will be using to send unlimited phone calls to your friends, and we have seen it is a great response from you guys, so we thought to start again with the missed call bomber which will help us to send unlimited missed calls to anyone.

Missed Call Bomber

What is Missed Call Bomber?

Missed Call Bomber is the PHP Script which will help you to send unlimited missed calls, but there is a limit of sending the missed calls which we have decided in this script. If you want to enjoy this script, then there is a definite limit after that you can’t give a missed calls to your friends.

There are many other features in the script, and that is in 1 minute you can only send five missed calls, and after that, you need to wait for some time. This will help to prevent spam. We don’t want anyone to get irritated with the missed call bomber, and you get in some mess.

Missed Call Bomber: Prank Your Friends By Giving Them Missed Calls

We want you to make a proper use of this bomber and try it on yourself. We have mentioned about this earlier that all of the tricks and missed call bombers and SMS bomber are just for the educational and fun purpose you don’t need to harm anyone with this script.

When you are using this script it is free, and you can call to any phone number, and there won’t be any charges. You can use this script using your phone, or you can also use this script using your Android device.

Whenever you are using this bomber we will have your IP Address, so if you are teasing anyone by sending a lot of missed calls then we will block you, and you won’t be able to use this missed call flooder.

We hope that you will be using this script for fun purpose only. You can place any number of calls to yourself so let’s dive into the all-new missed call bomber.

Note: This Trick is for Educational Purpose Only. If you are in some kind of mess we are not responsible.


  • Don’t Spam anyone phone number.
  • Don’t Misuse this Bomber we will block your IP Address and number.
  • Try on your phone number if you want to check the bomber.

How to Prank Your Friends By Giving Them Missed Calls

  • Open the Missed Call Bomber Script from here:

Missed Call Flooder   

Missed call bomber

  • Open the link and enter your phone number.
  • Now, add the number of your choice. You need to add any number of your choice. This bomber will only send five missed calls. Depending on the number of your input.
  • That’s it click on the Bomb button, and then you will be getting unlimited missed calls on your number.

Final Verdict:

This way you can attack your friends and also give them unlimited missed calls using this missed call bomber. I hope you love this article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Share this article with your friends and do let them know about this incredible script which can be used to send unlimited missed calls to anyone.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this, and I will meet you in the next one. If this bomber is having any issues, then please feel free to comment below.

If you need this bomber comment below any number between 1 to 100, we will send you this bomber for free. We will be selecting one lucky member.



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